Lumbini Elite Solution


Maximize business performance with GRC technology

Managing governance, risk and compliance continues to be a challenge for most organizations. With increasing compliance requirements, organizations are seeking to reduce cost and increase value derived from investment in control processes and technology. Technologies are now maturing, providing a mechanism to build scale and efficiency from control and compliance investment. Getting value from GRC technology means reducing the cost of compliance at the same time improving risk management and control .Our team is working with leading organizations to embed and integrate GRC solutions, driving value from control.

  • Automate predefined best practice workflows, assessments, surveys, and signoff
  • Share controls and test results across multiple compliance programs
  • Reduce the cost of compliance, risk, and audit programs
  • Balance opportunities with financial, legal, and operational risk exposure
  • Embed regulatory and corporate policies into global trade processes

  • Our Services

    Access Control

    Confidently manage and reduce access risk across your enterprise. Minimize fraud and lower the cost of access management and ongoing compliance activities.

  • Streamline requests for multiple systems and embed preventative compliance checks
  • Automate reviews of segregation of duties, critical access, and super user privileges
  • Automatically detect and remediate access risk violations

  • Process Control

    Continuously monitor key risk indicators and compliance effectiveness across your critical business processes and drive process efficiency and control.

  • Align risk and compliance management processes across multiple programs.
  • Automate and predefine workflows, assessments, surveys, and offline forms.
  • Streamline processes and effort with automated control tests.
  • Proactively manage policies and controls across heterogeneous environments.
  • Assess compliance, control, and remediation status using comprehensive analytics.
  • Risk Management

    Maximize risk visibility with comprehensive analytics, balance risk and opportunity and protect business value by proactively preventing and mitigating risks.

  • Highlight risk exposure and response at all levels of your organization.
  • Run intuitive risk assessments – and “what if” simulations and analyses.
  • Integrate risk mitigation and prevention with your key business systems.
  • Leverage best practices for industries and lines of business with predefined content.
  • Automate key risk indicator monitoring within heterogeneous systems.
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