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SAP Mobility

SAP Mobility

Mobile devices, with a suite of mobile applications have transformed customer experience through a faster, easy to use, anytime - anywhere access, improved speed and quality of data access which drives down operational costs and thus reduces the decision making time span, increasing decision quality. Rapidly changing options for mobility and the challenges in integrating the mobile applications to the back end ERP and CRM processes requires up to date awareness for making make informed choices.

SUP: Sybase Unwired Platform

We provide services to build mobile applications using SUP with enterprise data sources as SAP, web services, REST services and databases. Lumbini Elite has the skills and capability to provide services to build and run enterprise mobile applications using Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP).

SAP Afaria

SAP will boost Afaria with its new zero touch setup, which will bypass the need for users to enter application setup information such as server address, domain name and user name. This kind of deep integration will be ideal for our middleware administrators here at LumbiniElite, who can deliver solutions more quickly to users.

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