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Geofencing is a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries.

Geofencing is a technology that defines a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area. In doing so, a radius of interest is established that can trigger an action in a geo-enabled phone or other portable electronic device.

Geo-fencing has many uses:

1. Used with child location services, can notify parents if a child leaves a designated area.
2. Used with locationized firearms can allow those firearms to fire only in locations where their firing is permitted,           thereby making them useless for crimes like robberies, drive-by shooting, assassinations, and massacres
3. Used by the Human Resource department to monitor employees working in special locations
4. Sending an alert if a vehicle is stolen and notifying rangers when wildfire stray into farmland.
5. Fleet management - When a truck driver breaks from his route, the dispatcher receives an alert. 
6. Compliance management - Network logs record geo-fence crossings to document the proper use of devices            and their compliance with established rules.

Lumbini Elite provides services to build mobile applications using Geofencing. Lumbini Elite has the skills, experience and capability to provide services to build and run Geofencing applications.