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Welcome to Lumbini’s Artist Community! Our goal is to create a virtual environment much like a real world Community Art Center. A place where artists show and promote their work, hang out and talk “Art”, trade tips and techniques, even have online challenges and workshops. This is a virtual place that will constantly change and develop. The priority in the Artist Community at this point in time is more about profiting from the interaction and enhancing our Art experience. The web makes connecting so easy.

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Creative Ideas

We put-in our creative ideas at every step of design and development. Be it for the company or the client, we put the same enthu & ideas for developing banners, brochures, flayers, etc. for promotional materials.


Innovation is a mindset. It does not start from scratch, rather it is a way of developing existing art by thinking differently & renewing it by adding more creative attributes.

Design and Development

We put our creativity and innovation together at the time of design and development. We create high and low fidelity visual design screens like wireframes, prototypes, work flows for mobile apps, desktop apps and web apps.

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Featured Works

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