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About Alghanim Industries

Alghanim Industries is one of the largest privately owned companies in the Persian Gulf region, predominantly in Kuwait. A multinational company in outlook with operations in 30 countries, Alghanim Industries is a multibillion-dollar company with more than 30 business units under its umbrella. Their business area includes Retail and distribution, Automotive, Industrial, Food and Beverages and services.

Challenges at Alghanim Industries

Alghanim Industries’ main challenges is utilizing visualization tools to derive valuable insights from data in order to solve complex business problems.

  1. Report development in PowerBI:
    • Taking Business requirements for visual creation on reports
    • Building reports based on Business requirement
    • Writing DAX code to create KPIs that meets business standards
    • Continuous monitoring of report refreshes
    • Continuous monitoring of data-related issues
  1. Tableau server administration:
    • Continuous monitoring of Jobs across the server
    • To provide seamless access to the users into Tableau reports
    • Handling Licensing/Unlicensing of users from time to time
    • Continuous monitoring of report refreshes
    • Analyzing existing server capacity and it’s usage
    • Optimizing the Tableau server to ensure seamless operation

These are the issues faced by Alghanim Industries with enormous data across it’s subsidiary companies to aggregate them for reporting purpose and monitor them at all the time.

Solution Approach

For better understanding of any requirement from the business team, detailed and continuous communication is maintained for better understanding of the requirement. Optimal DAX codes are written and the visuals are developed and formatted in accordance with the needs of the business.

Report data refreshes for Tableau and PowerBI, are tracked around-the-clock to give management an error-free view of the reports.


Every new request from the business people is taken into account, and current data is quickly transformed into insightful knowledge. The management and business analysts have access to the most recent reports due to ongoing monitoring of the visualization tools’ servers.

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