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Lumbini Elite boasts a rich portfolio of successful engagements within the manufacturing sector, collaborating with esteemed clients such as TE (Tyco Electric) and Philips Electronics. Our expertise in SAP BI Solutions has been effectively harnessed to deliver tailored solutions, contributing to the operational efficiency and strategic advancements of these industry-leading companies.

Our Engagements

Lumbini Elite has worked for multiple clients who deals with Manufacturing sector.Companies like TE ( Tyco Electric ), Philips Electronics are some of the recipient of our services.Lumbini Elite has successfully implemented SAP BI Solutions .The SAP BI implementation signifies Lumbini Elite’s expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance data analytics, reporting, and decision-making processes within the manufacturing domain. By aligning SAP BI solutions with the unique requirements of clients like TE and Philips Electronics, Lumbini Elite has demonstrated its commitment to driving efficiency, transparency, and strategic insights in the manufacturing sector.

  • VAE (Variant Analytical Engine)

Lumbini Elite has developed VAE a solution which is powered by SAP HANA.
The product is an addon to SAP ECC which will provide high Performance Analytics based on variant Data. Usually companies having variant products find difficulty in analyzing various variants of a product. Also pricing become a challenge. VAE solution works on top of ECC and provides analysis faster in less than a minute which usually takes huge time or result was not possible due to huge dataset and multiple segments.

  • SAP BO Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

Lumbini Elite brings together the speed, agility and accuracy offered by SAP Business Objects through its implementation services to ensure that your organization achieve its business goals quickly

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