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About Atotech
A leading specialty chemicals technology brand, delivering chemistry, equipment, software, and service to support diverse end-markets such as smartphones and other consumer electronics, communication infrastructure, and computing, as well as numerous industrial and consumer applications such as automotive, heavy machinery, and household appliances.

The Atotech brand operates in more than 38 countries and runs 15 TechCenters, 15 production sites for chemistry, and 2 for equipment

About CoA Upgrade Project:

CoA means Certificate of Analysis is a PDF printout from SAP, that has to be provided to Customers, which shows the RM’s and the SFG’s & FGs are kept at proper temperature, Humidity and other parameters.

New CoA Printout:
• This is customer / material specific
• Print raw material batch number (selected RM)
• Print inspection result of raw material (selected characteristics)
• Parameter from DI water for daily production (Inspection type 09)
• Inline QC data (example: temperature or PH value) during production
• In addition, read inspection result directly from raw material
• In addition, read inspection result directly from DI water (daily recurring inspection) based on production date

Data from Sensors will flow to SAP ECC though scheduled jobs which run the synchronous interface and get Inline data from sensors.

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