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Consulting Services

System Readiness & Audit

Lumbini Elite offers comprehensive enterprise application health checks, ensuring the robustness of your organizational backbone. As an independent agency, we conduct thorough audits, assess system readiness, and provide valuable insights. Our services encompass system performance optimization, archiving, backup solutions, migration strategies, and more. By identifying potential areas for improvement, aligning initiatives with business priorities, and addressing challenges arising from mergers and acquisitions, we facilitate effective and continuous enhancement. Embracing the principles of “Kaizen,” our approach emphasizes value addition through short, impactful interventions, minimizing inefficiencies and optimizing organizational performance.

Tool Standardization

Explore Lumbini’s Tool Standardization Services, where we excel in aligning your tools with SAP’s top standards. Our service boosts operational efficiency, cuts maintenance overhead, and trims customization costs. Rely on us to optimize platform use, speed up implementation with SAP’s tools, and deploy pre-assembled components for enhanced reliability. As your strategic partner, we pave the way for a more efficient and standardized IT environment, driving your business to unparalleled success. Contact us to begin.

Process Reengineering

We help our clients review their AS-IS processes and provide expertise with process re-engineering and provide TO-BE Processes. Enterprise applications implementations require both alignments of processes as well as Softwares. SAP provide provisions to configure the processes to make it close to the client business processes. we bring our expertise and support them in re-engineering the processes without affecting the organizational structure and human interfaces. Exploration of potential opportunities to realign processes based on business drivers that may have changed. Higher, more consistent delivery quality via process templates, tools, and accelerators.

Architecture Design​

Navigating SAP implementation is often a time-intensive and high-stakes endeavor. The intricacies involved can lead to significant delays or, in worst cases, project abandonment due to a misstep in architecture or design. The importance of meticulous design review at every phase of implementation cannot be overstated. At Lumbini, we recognize the critical role of a well-considered design in project success. Our comprehensive support throughout the implementation process ensures that your project is equipped with robust and meticulously reviewed designs at each crucial juncture. Trust Lumbini to guide you through SAP implementation, mitigating risks, and safeguarding the success of your project at every step.

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