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Architecture Design

  • Pragmatic solution design: Prioritize practicality over complexity in addressing technological changes.
  • Emphasis on the ‘right’ solution: Focus on value addition, not just convenience.
  • Continuous engagement: Address complex aspects of solution design at every implementation stage.
  • Tailored recommendations: Recognize unique customer business requirements and technological challenges.
  • Evaluation of new technologies: Stay updated and harness innovative solutions for problem-solving.
  • Lumbini collaborative engagement model: Minimize rework and redesign through continuous customer involvement in the design and deployment process.

Implementation & Rollout

  • SAP Greenfield Implementation:
    • Effective tools, methodologies, process models, and international standards.
  • SAP Rollout:
    • Quick and efficient project rollout using specially designed templates.
  • Accelerated Implementation Time:
    • Speed delivery with preconfigured templates, blueprints, content, and processes.
    • Reduce costs and risks associated with new solutions and technology.
    • Rapid-Deployment Solutions for quick implementation tailored to unique needs.

Rapid Deployment Services

  • Decision Empowerment:

    • Inputs via Best Practices, Options Papers, Prototyping, and Proof-of-Concepts.
  • Innovative Approach:

    • Assemble-to-order and SAP Rapid-Deployment for quick, cost-effective implementation.
  • Speed and Predictability:

    • Fixed-scope, preconfigured solutions for efficient project execution.
  • Efficiency Tools:

    • Design templates and accelerators to minimize effort.
  • Flexibility:

    • Options for deployment, hosting, and financing.


  • Best-of-class software preference.
  • Critical need for software migration in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Expertise in migrating landscapes or environments.
  • Proudly assisting customers in seamless transitions.


  • Non-negotiable commitment to staying competitive.
  • Organizations prioritize latest software for technology edge.
  • Lumbini’s role: Support in Technical/Functional upgrades.
  • Adherence to SAP recommendations and best practices.
  • Minimize risks in upgrade activities.
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