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SAP BusinessObjects (BOBJ) is a suite of business intelligence (BI) tools developed by SAP. These tools are designed to help organizations analyze and visualize their data, make informed decisions, and drive business performance. The BOBJ suite consists of various components that cater to different aspects of BI and reporting needs.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite Features

Reporting and Analysis

Empower business users to understand trends and root causes with ad hoc queries and BI reporting.

Enterprise reporting system

Guide your overall business intelligence strategy using an enterprise reporting system.

Tools for business users

Enable business users to gain meaningful insights to support decision-making.

Ad-hoc reporting

Get instant answers to ad hoc business questions – and easily share your findings.


Data Visualisation and Analytics Applications

Build impactful visualisations, dashboards, and applications to assess risk, improve efficiency, and identify opportunities.

Self-service features

Empower business users with intuitive, self-service visualisation tools to combine data, analyse trends, and tell stories.

Cross-enterprise sharing

Use sharing functionality to communicate business insights with colleagues and support decision-making across your organisation.

Role-based dashboards

Create interactive, role-based BI dashboards that deliver information to decision makers – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Office Integration

Use multidimensional data analysis capabilities to filter and manipulate data, and identify trends and outliers.

Real-time analytics

Connect with SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA to power real-time analytics.

Large-scale data analysis

Analyse large data sets to discover in-depth business insights and forecast business drivers using Microsoft Excel.

Embedded analytics in Microsoft PowerPoint

Share discoveries by embedding data analytics information into Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

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