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LumbiniElite, deeply ingrained as a tightly integrated partner with SAP on the CAR solution from its inception, offers unmatched expertise in leveraging the full spectrum of benefits that CAR can deliver for your business. Our consultants, armed with profound understanding of product architecture and business workflows, adeptly tailor SAP CAR to align with your distinct requirements.

SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) solutions play a pivotal role in augmenting customer experience, expediting decision-making processes, refining demand planning strategies, and optimizing promotion effectiveness. This robust data platform seamlessly amalgamates cross-channel data, conducts thorough cleansing, and centralizes both customer and point-of-sale (POS) data in real time, priming it for analysis and integration with other applications.


Why LumbiniElite for SAP CAR?

As an early adopter of SAP CAR and a co-innovation partner of SAP, LumbiniElite offers a distinctive blend of industry insights and product expertise, supported by proprietary tools, methodologies, and accelerators to ensure a successful implementation. Our profound understanding of product architecture allows us to tailor SAP CAR for optimal solutions in intricate business scenarios and technical landscapes.

Our strengths include:

  • Extensive experience in implementing SAP CAR for both SAP and non-SAP environments.
  • A team of seasoned industry professionals equipped with comprehensive end-to-end business process knowledge.
  • Access to our exclusive tools and methodology, such as ‘RunningStart’ for SAP CAR, facilitating rapid deployment.
  • LumbiniElite’s Industry Focus Solution for CAR, designed to expedite time-to-value.
  • Unique expertise in developing partner applications leveraging SAP CAR.
  • LumbiniElite Add-ons to SAP CAR, including Store Reconciliation, Payment Reconciliation, and CAR analytics.

SAP CAR and Extended Applications

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