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SAP Cloud Platform

Open platform-as-a-service that facilitates comprehensive application development services

About SAP Cloud Platform

Navigating the dynamic economic landscape requires companies to adopt a hybrid strategy, blending their ERP core with cloud solutions. This approach aims to foster innovation in business models and facilitate data-driven decision-making. Enter SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), a platform-as-a-service designed by SAP to provide specialized in-memory database and application services, empowering the development, extension, and integration of contemporary, mobile-enabled applications.

SAP Cloud Platform stands as an open and comprehensive platform-as-a-service, facilitating a spectrum of application development services that connect businesses, individuals, and devices. It encompasses a foundational technology stack, microservices architecture, and robust development tools, collectively enhancing the agility and efficiency of modern business applications.

How does it work? SCP enables you to store data in the cloud and subsequently visualise, manage and analyse it using front-end applications. In practice, this means you can build easy-to-use, enterprise-ready cloud apps that help unify your business processes – regardless of where they are stored.

       SCP offers your company the optimal tools to:

  • Build innovative mobile applications.
  • Develop, deploy, and manage IoT and machine-to-machine applications efficiently
  • Integrate and customize your cloud and on-premises applications.
  • Conduct analysis and reporting based on multiple data sources.
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