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Tata Electronics Private Limited (TEPL)

Tata Electronics Private Limited (TEPL) is a greenfield venture within the Tata group, specializing in the manufacturing of precision components. TEPL has extensive expertise in precision electronic components, operating under Tata Sons with a focus on leveraging top engineering and manufacturing talent in India.

Challenges at TEPL
TEPL faces several challenges in managing its manufacturing activities, primarily revolving around the integration and transition of various applications. Key challenges include:
1. Application Landscape:
     o SFC (Shop Floor Controlling Application)
     o Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
     o TRACE MES
     o Transition from existing MES System and SFC system to a new system

2. Data Complexity:
      o Significant data generation from applications
      o Building and maintaining Manufacturing Intelligence solutions
      o Continuous monitoring of data-related issues

3. Work Order Handling:
     -Processing voluminous work orders
     -Managing requests for manufacturing specific quantities of products
     -Grouping work orders by batches and assigning them to production lines and plants

4. Real-time Data Collection:
     o Executing all work orders on the shop floor
     o Collecting real-time data for reporting and analysis

These challenges highlight the complexity and diversity of TEPL’s manufacturing processes, emphasizing the need for a robust and integrated solution to address these issues effectively.
Solution Approach
Solution Approach
For reporting purposes, a robust reporting system has been developed using Pentaho. New servers have been configured to support Pentaho-based reports and data extracts. Data is extracted from the MES application Database to the Replication Server Database using the Pentaho ETL tool. Data extraction from the source system occurs every 4 hours, ensuring that reports are available to the business every 4 hours .

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