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System Readiness & Audit

Enterprise Applications are back bone of an organization and it is very important to have regular health check done to avoid any risks and prevent organization from any disaster. Lumbini Elite provides system Readiness and do audit as an independent agency. We recommend corrective measures and suggestions to make environment performant.The Systems performance, Archiving, BackUp, migration Strategy,etc are part of this service.This service helps our customers: Identify potential areas of improvement, align new initiatives with business priorities, aligning the solution to other divisions added through Mergers and Acquisitions, implement effective and continuous improvement while reducing inefficiencies or waste. We believe in value addition in short and effective bursts rather than expensive and long-drawn engagements. This approach has resonance with the traditional Japanese philosophy of "Kaizen" which focuses on continuous improvement and reduction of inefficiencies or waste.

Tool Standardization

Improved delivery efficiency with pre-assembled and pre-engineered components Each client uses different Tools and technologies which over a period of time become a big overhead to maintain. Especially when each Tool is having different Technologies and Architecture. Lumbini helps clients utilized the maximum out of SAP platform and Services. Help clients reduce there customization so that they spend less in customization, migration and upgrade. There are various Tools and Best offered by SAP which reduces implementation time. We are SAP company provide our expertise how to go with these standard Tools and reduce Improved delivery efficiency with pre-assembled and pre-engineered components.

Process Reengineering

We help our clients review their AS-IS processes and provide expertise with process re-engineering and provide TO-BE Processes. Enterprise applications implementations require both alignments of processes as well as Softwares. SAP provide provisions to configure the processes to make it close to the client business processes. We understand that client to change their business process is some time expensive and bring our expertise and support them in re-engineering the processes without affecting the organizational structure and human interfaces. Exploration of potential opportunities to realign processes based on business drivers that may have changed. Higher, more consistent delivery quality via process templates, tools, and accelerators.

Architecture Design

SAP Implementation is usually very time consuming and involves huge risks. A wrong architecture or design can cause delay in overall project or some time may scarp the project. It is very vital for the project that design is reviewed in each phase of implementation. Lumbini supports implementation.

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