Lumbini Elite Solutions


Production Support Services

Our flexible engagement models have been well received by our Customers, who have not only found great value and quality but all the flexibility they could ever imagine. An additional differentiator is our ability to engage key solution architects and senior consultants from our implementation teams periodically to lend their skills and experience to a Support environment.This has added great value especially where we help re-look at broken processes and chronic issues in a live environment and evolve long term solutions for this.
SAP Support Services : Lumbini offers effective application and change management through ITIL processes. The Team at Lumbini is well versed with the incident and problem management processes. We offer SLA based support to its clients in SAP post implementation Phase as part of Support and Hyper care

Change Management & Enhancement

Lumbini Elilte believes in strict adherence to the change management procedures as defined in Lumbini QUALITY process for the success of any project. All the offshore activities will strictly follow these procedures, which will be well defined at the beginning of the project commencement.Lumbini Elite can also adopt any of the client procedures, after ensuring that the procedures cover all the required aspects of the change management.Another aspect of Change Management relates to change in scope of the original contract in terms of expansion and contraction based upon requirements. When such requirements arise, Lumbini Project Leader will assess the impact of the change on the contract and will negotiate with Parliament of Iraq Project Coordinator to finalize the adjustments that need to be made to handle the changes.

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